Entrusting accounting and payroll services to a proffessional accounting company is a beneficial solution. Thanks to outsourcing, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to focus primarily on their own business goals. They transfers the responsibility for keeping records outside the company and are not obliged to invest in workers who, after gaining experience, may cease cooperation.

Additional benefits include cutting costs on employing accountants and purchasing specialized software and updates, as well as greater mobility at any change of the recipient of services.

Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer concerning accounting, which consists of the following activities:

  • keeping Account Books (full accounting), Revenue and Expense Ledgers (KPIR) as well as Records of Revenue for enterprenuers paying the lump-sum tax on registered revenue;
  • preparing records of tangible assets
  • keeping records for VAT purposes
  • accounting for VAT
  • acting on behalf of the taxpayer for a refund of overpaid VAT
  • filling in appropriate tax returns and reports based on books and records, and delivering them to appropriate authorities
  • business consultancy
  • compiling Corporate Charts of Accounts
  • developing Accounting Policy of new entities
  • settling income tax
  • financial reporting
  • providing data for loan applications under development
  • representing taxpayers before the Tax Office and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)
  • assisting clients with updating the company data at the Registry Court, the Tax Office and the Statistical Office
  • giving advice.



The biggest asset of most businesses are people. In order to take care of the success of our clients, we provides full HR & payroll services:

  • we keep personnel documentaion, including personal files
  • we provide payroll service
  • we prepare compulsory declarations and settlements and deliver them to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and the Tax Office
  • we prepare documents and settlement designed for employees
  • we inform about changes in regulations concerning HR service.

Businesses taking advantage of our HR & payroll services do not lose valuable time and resources on:

  • keeping records of employees (payroll files, tax files, benefit files, leave files)
  • compiling basic documents (employment contract, termination of a contract, order contract, certificate of employment, certificate of earnings) and organising Health and Safety training and fire training for the newly employed
  • compiling payment documents (transfers of payroll taxes)
  • compiling documents for registering business and employess with the Social insurance Institution
  • compiling declarations and reports (DRA, RCA, RCA, RSA, RZA) and sending them to various branches of the Social Insurance Institution with acknowledgment of receipt or via e-mail – operations are carried out using special ZUS software (“Payer” and “E-Payer”)
  • preparing payment documents (transfers of contributions)
  • drawing up salary certificates issued by employer for the purpose of determining benefits (sickness, maternity, parental)
  • compiling so-called RMUA forms for all employess
  • compiling and sending monthly declarations to the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disbaled (PFRON).



Are you setting up a start-up?

You have come to the right place, because start-ups simply excite us. We help, give advice and observe with satisfaction the growth of our clients.

We also know that it may be difficult to begin. Only one out of 10 businesses have a chance to survive. The costs start right away whereas first customers and revenue come later. Liquidity problems could threaten even the most promising of bussinesses.

Therefore, we have a special offer for you..

We will let you focus on building your business and acquisition of the first customers. For the first 3 months you’ll pay only 1 PLN a month.

We will advise you on what form of business and taxation will be the most advantageous for you.
We will provide comprehensive assistance in business registration.
We will suggest how to optimize revenues, expenses and taxes.
We will suggest which financial mechanisms may be appropriate.
We will monitor key financial indicators and the impact of changes in accounting and tax regulations on your business.

Fees for the subsequent periods are discussed and agreed on during the first meeting.

Don’t wait and arrange a meeting.
Our phone or e-mail can be found on the side of our website.

We’re waiting for you.



Many people associate accounting only with invoices and calculating taxes.
It’s time to change that perception.

In order to provide comprehensive services we offer access to additional services:

1. Legal assistance in setting up a business, including:

  • compiling a draft agreement
  • arranging an appointment with a notary and assisting during the preparation of the act (establishuing an entity according to the guidelines obtained on the basis of previously granted power of attorney is also possible)
  • compiling and submitting an application to the National Court Register, along with the required attachments related to the registration of the business with the Tax Office, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)

2. Companies for sale.

Setting up a business in Poland takes 4 to 8 weeks. Since business can not wait, we offer taking advantage of already existing fully shaped legal entities. We guarantee full security of the transaction, for instance companies did not conduct any business operations, they do not hold assets, they do not have employees, they do not have trade commitments.

Companies being subject of an offer at the moment of a sale possess:

  • registered office in Lublin or Cracov
  • minimum share capital
  • partnership agreement, the content of which may be changed at client’s request
  • registration number (KRS)
  • active bank account
  • REGON number
  • full registration for CIT and VAT / VAT-EU taxes
  • current accounting records and financial statements

Transactions includes all the necessary modifications, such as change of the registered office, change in the composition of a management board etc.



The highest quality of our services is the result of many years of experience in the accounting and HR&payroll.


We provide our services for businesses operating in almost all industries and legal forms.


We never leave our client with a problem. Together we will find a satisfactory solution.


We guarantee full confidentiality of information entrusted to our stuff at every stage of cooperation.